An Impression of a banjo enclosure

Here is a 3d impression of an Iron Age Banjo Enclosure I compiled on Google sketchup. It is based on evidence gained from an excavation I participated in on a Banjo Enclosure  at North Down In Dorset. This type of settlement is rare in England and only a few have been excavated such as at Gussage Cow Down. They typically consist of a circular ditch which probably contained a palisade. At one side of the Ditch a funnel like passage was constructed linking to another round feature created by ditches. But what were they used for? evidence of animal bones,pits and post holes show us that people were living here. It seems based on the animal bones that we are looking at a pastoral community living in round houses in the late Iron Age to Roman period. Roman finds included Samian ware,coins and a Roman Wall. Several human skeletons were also discovered. One was thrown in to a pit with parts of a horse. After 2009’s excavation a survey was carried out by myself  and several other students which revealed a large amount of linear anomalies such as ditches. Further excavation work will be carried out in 2010 in the hope of revealing more about this interesting site.

The Banjo Enclosure

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Showing a pen for animals as well as several roundhouses.

Two celtic fields on the left and right are ploughed by oxen.

The Main Roundhouse also showing pit and oxen


Author: Jeremy Hallatt



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