Dexileos stelea- From Athens

Located in the kerimiekos cemetery in Athens is an impressive funeral stelae of Dexileos. This impressive stele ( grave stone) shows an Athenian cavalrymen (Dexileos) riding a horse, which is trampling on top of an enemy. There is an inscription on this stelae giving the name (Dexileos) and how he died in a battle against the Corinthians in 394 BC. Few scenes of battle are known from funeral Stelae in this period and therefore this is stelae is of some considerable importance. The horseman is oversized compared to the trampled opponent underneath, this emphases the heroic action of Dexileos. This idea of heroesm was prevelent in the Classical and Hellenistic periods in Greece, and harks back to the days when single combat was a common way to show a mans valor. One of the most famous in history Homer, gives several examples of single combat in the Iliad.

I believe the stelae also represents life and death as an ongoing struggle, between good and bad. This is why I chose to have this tattoo of the scene on my arm.


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