Aspects of my research: The chronology of Durotrigan coins

quater stater

Chronology of Coins

In order to establish a chronology for the coinage of the Durotriges the author has gathered data from the CCI. It is notoriously difficult to date coins especially Durotrigan although it is possible to date the earlier coins but the dates for the later coins are less certain; according to Haselgrove and Mays (2000, 250)

They may have been struck fairly soon after the finer ones or they may have been some gap in time all that we can say for certain is that they have a wider date distribution than the finer coins and that they were in circulation longer occurring in Claudian and later contexts.

The earliest Durotrigan stater was produced from 68 BC (Van Arsdell, 1989, 347), . The other coins are believed to be minted at roughly five year intervals with a declining percentage of silver as the issues were gradually debased (Papworth, 2011, 56). Several hoards such as the Badbury hoard were dated by Van Arsdell to 35-30 BC. Problems arise with dating Durotrigan coins because some have been discovered with Roman issues and were therefore in circulation for a long period of time even afterAD 43. The first issues which were produced around 68 BC were gradually debased first to silver and then to bronze staters. If this occurred roughly every five years as Papworth (2011, 56) suggests then the silver staters would have been debased by around 64 BC and the bronze by around 59 BC. The starfish coins were produced early on in the century but it is not known if or when they may have been produced or even if they were around the same time as the staters. It is also possible that the quarter stater which was minted in gold was also debased to silver by 45 BC. The rare issues of cast bronze units were the last in the line of Durotrigan coins and were minted around 40 BC until the conquest (de Jersey, 2001, 44).


Author:  Jeremy Hallatt



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