Athens: Past and Present


In February of 2014 we spent a short weekend in Athens, birth place of democracy, philosophy, history and of some of the most famous people in history, Socrates, Themistekles, Pericles to name but a few. Despite the recent economic disaster in Greece, I was surprised to find that the city was vibrant and energetic as the last time I visited (2008) with musicians and artists lining the streets and spectacular views of the acropolis in the background. Not to mention the sunset overlooking the Aegean Sea which was truly spectacular.

Much has been written of this historic city, I therefore do not wish to delve too much into this. I will however share with you some of the highlights of Athens. It is a remarkable place and well worth a short weekend break, allow three days to do it justice, if however you have time I suggest taking a boat from the port of Piraeus to the Greek Islands for the complete Greek experience.


20140608-125905-46745052.jpgFig 1: The Temple of Hephaestus within the ancient agora of Athens

20140608-125904-46744294.jpgFig 2: Sunset over the Philopappos Hill with the port of Piraeus in the background

20140608-125908-46748921.jpgFig 3: The Acropolis, need I say more..

20140608-125906-46746110.jpgFig 4: Dexileos Stelae, showing Dexileos an Athenian Cavalryman defeating an opponent, this is a  symbol of life and death, victory over death.

20140608-125903-46743532.jpgFig 5: The Parthenon

20140608-125909-46749690.jpgFig 6: The orange trees which line the streets of Athens give it a truly Mediterranean athmosphere


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