Temple of Portunus: Rome

Location: Rome

Date: 1st Century BC


The Temple of Portunus (Temple of Fortuna Virilis) Rome, is a well preserved temple located in the Forum Boarium it is a good example of a Roman temple. Clear Influences can be seen from the Etruscans and from the Greeks. In Greek temples access to the main part of the temple (the cellar) was from all sides (for example see the Parthenon).

But in this particular temple access is made only from the front. The temple is based on the ionic order and contains a cellar a portico and is raised on a high podium. Roman temples were also influenced by earlier cultures such as the Etruscans whose columns were built in wood. Etruscan architecture is thought to have been influenced by the Greek colonies in southern Italy.

The fact that the building still survives is due to it being converted into a church.

By Jeremy Hallatt


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