A Glimpse of Avebury, Wilts



On a crisp winters morning, I scrambled over to the Salisbury Plains past the most famous henge of them all to the often forgotten and in many ways more impressive monument of Avebury. The site itself is managed by English Heritage and its immediate environs by National Trust.

Avebury henge is one of the great monuments of prehistoric Britain. Built  during the Neolithic period,  over a six hundred year period between 2850 BC and 2200 BC, the henge’s banks and ditch survive remarkably well, the village of Avebury village is nestled in the middle.

Here are a few shots of the site in all its neolithic glory. Also if you are in the area I suggest visiting Silbury Hill (English Heritage and free to visit) which is the largest man made mound in Europe and together with Avebury is a World Heritage Site as well as a scheduled ancient monument.










Author: Jeremy Fazzalaro

Photographs: All taken by the author


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